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1962 Post Cereal

Cards from this classic set were found on the backs of Post cereal boxes. Due to the fact that some cereal brands were less popular than others, Post did not print the same quantites of each box panel, giving us four Cowboys in this set with short print designations. This set is actually larger than the Topps set from the same year by 24 cards. If you don't count the checklists and team cards from the Topps set, and only count players, it's 40 cards larger.

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1962 Post Cereal Glynn Gregory 1962 Post Cereal Frank Clarke SP
#134 Glynn Gregory #135 Frank Clarke SP
1962 Post Cereal Mike Connelly SP 1962 Post Cereal L.G. Dupre
#136 Mike Connelly SP #137 L.G. Dupre
1962 Post Cereal Bob Fry 1962 Post Cereal Allen Green SP
#138 Bob Fry #139 Allen Green SP
1962 Post Cereal Billy Howton 1962 Post Cereal Bob Lilly
#140 Bill Howton #141 Bob Lilly
1962 Post Cereal Don Meredith 1962 Post Cereal Dick Moegle
#142 Don Meredith #143 Dick Moegle
1962 Post Cereal Don Perkins 1962 Post Cereal Jerry Tubbs SP
#144 Don Perkins #145 Jerry Tubbs SP
1962 Post Cereal J.W. Lockett
#146 J.W. Lockett

Full box panels are very rare, especially those that were known to be a less popular brand of cereal. The seven card box panel was the most common variety, while the smaller panel with four cards was from a 12oz box.

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