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1966-68 American Oil Sweepstakes Stamps

Amoco ran a sweepstakes promotion three years in a row, giving away various prizes including cash and a Ford Mustang. Since you had to turn in the stamps to claim your prize, these issues can be very hard to find.

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1966 American Oil Stamps
These tiny stamps came in panels of three and were to be stuck on a saver sheet to collect your prize.

1966 American Oil Rules & Saver Sheet 1966 American Oil Bob Lilly Stamp Sheet
Rules and Saver Sheet Bob Lilly Complete Stamp Sheet
1967 American Oil Stamps
Panels of three were used again but this time the stamps were action shots of NFL players.

1967 American Oil Stamp Envelope 1967 American Oil Stamp Bob Hayes Sheet
Envelope Bob Hayes
1967 American Oil Stamp Saver Sheet
1967 Saver Sheet
1968 American Oil Mr. & Mrs.
In 1968 Amoco used a different approach for their sweepstakes promotion. A combination of both halves of the game pieces were required to claim your prize. In addition to the Mr. & Mrs. cards, another promotion was added in which you were required to enter the correct score to the Super Bowl on the corresponding game piece with the correct teams in the big game.

1968 American Oil Mr. & Mrs. Full Game Piece
Full Game Piece
1968 American Oil Mr. Reeves 1968 American Oil Mrs.Reeves
Mr. Dan Reeves -Left Half Mrs. Dan Reeves -Right Half
1968 American Oil Mr. & Mrs. Game Piece

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