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1967 Philadelphia Wax Pack
1967 Philadelphia

Once again, Philadelphia dropped one player card, reducing the team set to ten.  They also did away with the play card, replacing it with team logo cards, giving the beloved Cowboy Joe a card of it's own.

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1967 Philadelphia Dallas Cowboys Team Card
#49 Team Card
1967 Philadelphia George Andrie 1967 Philadelphia Cornell Green 1967 Philadelphia Bob Hayes

#50 George Andrie

#51 Cornell Green

#52 Bob Hayes

1967 Philadelphia Chuck Howley 1967 Philadelphia Lee Roy Jordan RC 1967 Philadelphia Bob Lilly

#53 Chuck Howley

#54 Lee Roy Jordan RC

#55 Bob Lilly

1967 Philadelphia Dave Manders RC 1967 Philadelphia Don Meredith 1967 Philadelphia Dan Reeves RC

#56 Dave Manders RC

#57 Don Meredith

#58 Dan Reeves RC

1967 Philadelphia Mel Renfro 1967 Philadelphia Dallas Cowboys Logo Card -Cowboy Joe
#59 Mel Renfro #60 Cowboys Insignia

#52 Bob Hayes

The backs of the team cards from this set included NFL signal diagrams once again.  Philadelphia decided to return to the coin rub design for the backs, this time hiding a cartoon illustration and the answer to a question about the player featured.

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