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1968 Champion Corn Flakes

Another super tough issue to find are these Champion Corn Flakes poster promo cards. The cards were inserts in boxes of Corn Flakes cereal and are slightly smaller than a standard card. There are tabs left from perforations on each corner, as well as one or two on each side. The number below the photo is the product ID for the matching poster. The "5" designates the Cowboys as the fifth team, the "N" is for NFC, and the # is the player jersey number.

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1968 Champion Corn Flakes Dan Reeves 1968 Champion Corn Flakes Bob Lilly
5N30 Dan Reeves 5N74 Bob Lilly
The mystery of the 1968 Champion Corn Flakes Lance Rentzel
1968 Champion Corn Flakes Lance Rentzel
This may be the rarest card I know about. The owner of the card, Carl Lamendola, sent me this scan to add to the Gallery. It is quite possibly an error that was intended to have been pulled from production because of the lack of a photo. There is no 5N19 that has a photo, so somehow, this card made it through. The fact that is has no photo may detract interest from Cowboys collectors, but I consider it a Cowboys card nonetheless. There is also a Floyd Little (4A44) card like this one that is owned by the same collector. There has never been another seen by him in his 35 years of collecting. Thank you very much for sharing this rare card with TheCowboysGuide.com!

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