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1970-71 Kellogg's 3-D Cards

Two years in a row to start the 70's, Kellogg's produced a 60 card set. They were found in cereal boxes, or the entire set could be obtained by mail-in offer. The cards are thick and feature facsimile autographs. Over time, these cards tend to bow if not stored flat.

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1970 Kellogg's

1970 Kellogg's Mel Renfro 1970 Kellogg's Bob Hayes
#23 Mel Renfro #39 Bob Hayes
1970 Kellogg's Calvin Hill 1970 Kellogg's Bob Lilly
#49 Calvin Hill #54 Bob Lilly
#54 Bob Lilly
1971 Kellogg's

1971 Kellogg's Craig Morton 1971 Kellogg's Mel Renfro
#6 Craig Morton #8 Mel Renfro
#6 Craig Morton

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