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1970 Topps Wax Pack
1970 Topps

Topps made corrections to two cards in this team set.  The players names, which were intended to be printed in red ink, were black instead.  In both cases, the error cards (black names), demand a slightly higher premium.

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1970 Topps Ralph Neely RC 1970 Topps Mel Renfro 1970 Topps Lee Roy Jordan

#4 Ralph Neely RC

#45 Mel Renfro

#71 Lee Roy Jordan

1970 Topps Bob Lilly 1970 Topps Lance Rentzel 1970 Topps Lance Rentzel (black letters)

#87 Bob Lilly

#113A Lance Rentzel

#113B Lance Rentzel

1970 Topps Craig Morton 1970 Topps Cornell Green 1970 Topps Bob Hayes

#139 Craig Morton

#164 Cornell Green

#189 Bob Hayes

1970 Topps Chuck Howley 1970 Topps Calvin Hill RC 1970 Topps Calvin Hill RC (black letters)

#228 Chuck Howley

#260A Calvin Hill RC

#260B Calvin Hill RC

#260 Calvin Hill RC

Card backs in this set were bright orange and printed horizontally.  A cartoon illustration with a fun fact about the player featured appears on the right. 

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