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1974 Parker Brothers Pro Draft
1974 Parker Brothers Pro Draft

Topps supplied the cards for this Parker Brothers board game. Only offensive players were chosen for the 50 cards that were included. The four Cowboys cards have two differences to the regular Topps set. Both differences are on the backs and are noted below.

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1974 Parker Brothers Bob Hayes 1974 Parker Brothers Rayfield Wright
#28 Bob Hayes #54 Rayfield Wright
1974 Parker Brothers John Niland 1974 Parker Brothers Calvin Hill
#80 John Niland #95 Calvin Hill

#54 Rayfield Wright
One of the two differences between this set and the regular Topps set is that the stats are from the 1972 season. The other difference is the two asterisks on the copyright line at the bottom. However, this difference is not unique to the Pro Draft cards, there are quite a few in the regular 1974 set that have the same double asterisks.

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