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The Dallas Cowboys Football Card Gallery
1974 Topps Wax Pack
1974 Topps

The 1974 Topps team set includes 20 player cards and continues the theme with league leaders, and play-off cards. Topps continued to employ an airbrush artist to hide team logos on helmets. Their work is best seen on the play-off action cards in this team set. Team checklist cards were issued for the first time, one per pack. The bottom of each CL card has details of how to obtain a complete un-cut sheet with all 26 teams.

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Complete roster & stats

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1974 Topps Blaine Nye 1974 Topps Bob Hayes 1974 Topps Rayfield Wright

#2 Blaine Nye

#28 Bob Hayes

#54 Rayfield Wright

1974 Topps John Niland 1974 Topps Calvin Hill 1974 Topps Mel Renfro

#80 John Niland

#95 Calvin Hill

#106 Mel Renfro

1974 Topps Lee Roy Jordan 1974 Topps Craig Morton 1974 Topps Ralph Neely

#138 Lee Roy Jordan AP

#161 Craig Morton

#187 Ralph Neely

1974 Topps Toni Fritsch 1974 Topps Bob Lilly 1974 Topps Billy Joe DuPree RC

#223 Tony Fritsch

#250 Bob Lilly

#277 Billy Joe DuPree RC

1974 Topps D.D. Lewis RC 1974 Topps Walt Garrison 1974 Topps Pat Toomay

#303 D.D. Lewis RC

#335 Walt Garrison

#361 Pat Toomay

1974 Topps Jethro Pugh 1974 Topps Marv Bateman 1974 Topps Larry Cole

#387 Jethro Pugh

#413 Marv Bateman

#478 Larry Cole RC

1974 Topps Roger Staubach 1974 Topps John Fitzgerald RC 1974 Topps Dallas Cowboys Checklist
#500 Roger Staubach #526 John Fitzgerald RC Team Checklist
1974 Topps NFC Semi-Finals 1974 Topps AFC/NFC Championship Games
#461 NFC Semi-Finals #462 AFC NFC Championship Games
1974 Topps Passing Leaders Roger Staubach
#329 Passing Leaders

#80 John Niland Team Checklist
#329 Passing Leaders
The backs of the player cards in this set have statistical information, as well as a cartoon illustration depicting a fact about the player.  The bottoms of these cards also double as a game piece to a football game, for which the rules are found on the back of the team checklist cards.

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