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1975-76 Wonder Bread & Town Talk All-Stars

Topps produced this 24 card set for distribution in loaves of Wonder Bread. The difference in the two variations is distinguished by the top line of text on the backs. The Town Talk variations are significantly harder to find than their Wonder Bread counter parts.

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1975 Wonder Bread & Town Talk

1975 Wonder Bread Drew Pearson 1975 Town Talk Drew Pearson
#11 Drew Pearson Wonder Bread #11 Drew Pearson Town Talk
1976 Wonder Bread & Town Talk All-Stars

1976 Wonder Bread Rayfield Wright 1976 Wonder Bread Cliff Harris
#8 Rayfield Wright #21 Cliff Harris
Wonder Bread
1976 Town Talk Rayfield Wright 1976 Town Talk Cliff Harris
#8 Rayfield Wright #21 Cliff Harris
Town Talk

The backs feature a series called "Hank Stram's Favorite Plays."

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