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The Dallas Cowboys Football Card Gallery
1976 Fleer Team Action Wax Pack
1976 Fleer Team Action
Cards from this extremely hard to find set were actually stickers. Unlike Topps in the mid-70's, Fleer obtained the rights from the NFL to use team logos and did so by displaying helmets on all card fronts. Bad centering and rough edges are common throughout the Fleer Team Action sets in the 1970's.

1976 FTA Eight-Yard Burst 1976 FTA The Big Return
#33 Eight-Yard Burst #34 The Big Return
1976 FTA Super Bowl V 1976 FTA Super Bowl VI
#61 Super Bowl V #62 Super Bowl VI
1976 FTA Super Bowl X
#66 Super Bowl X

#33 Eight-Yard Burst
A large NFL shield watermark is on the backs of these cards, along with a description of the action photo from the front.

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