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The Dallas Cowboys Football Card Gallery
1977 Fleer Team Action Wax Pack
1977 Fleer Team Action
Fleer gave up on the sticker design quickly and switched to producing cards in 1977. This didn't seem to help with the quality of the cards however, as centering and rough edges still were a big problem.

1977 FTA The Plunge 1977 FTA Unassisted Sack
#33 The Plunge #34 Unassisted Sack
1977 FTA  Super Bowl V 1977 FTA Super Bowl VI
#61 Super Bowl V #62 Super Bowl VI
1977 FTA Super Bowl X
#66 Super Bowl X

#62 Super Bowl VI
Fleer kept it simple when it came to their card back designs. Only the game score and brief summary are found on the backs. Perhaps in an attempt to rub salt in the wounds left by Topps losing the rights to use NFL team logos, Fleer proudly displays helmets on the backs as well as the fronts of their cards in this set.

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