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1977 Topps Wax Pack
1977 Topps

There were three Cowboys pictured in this set with airbrushed helmets, as Topps was still unable to acquire the rights to display team logos.

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Complete roster & stats

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1977 Topps Receiving Leaders Drew Pearson
#2 Receiving Leaders -D.Pearson
1977 Topps Charlie Waters 1977 Topps Roger Staubach 1977 Topps Scott Laidlaw RC

#15 Charlie Waters

#45 Roger Staubach

#76 Scott Laidlaw RC

1977 Topps Efren Herrera RC 1977 Topps Drew Pearson 1977 Topps Blaine Nye

#102 Efren Herrera RC

#130 Drew Pearson

#160 Blaine Nye

1977 Topps Dallas Cowboys Team Card 1977 Topps Billy Joe DuPree 1977 Topps Danny White RC

#207 Team Card

#260 Billy Joe DuPree

#284 Danny White RC

1977 Topps Ed Jones 1977 Topps Randy Whte 1977 Topps Golden Richards

#314 Ed "Too Tall" Jones

#342 Randy White

#367 Golden Richards

1977 Topps Preston Pearson 1977 Topps Harvey Martin 1977 Topps John Fitzgerald

#395 Preston Pearson

#427 Harvey Martin

#447 John Fitzgerald

1977 Topps Robert Newhouse 1977 Topps Cliff Harris 1977 Topps Butch Johnson
#459 Robert Newhouse #490 Cliff Harris #516 Butch Johnson RC

#2 Receiving Leaders -D.Pearson #260 Billy Joe DuPree
The card backs from this set were your standard stat-loaded format. The bottom of each card has an area called "College Corner" that contains the name of the school the player attended, along with a personal achievement from his college career.

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