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1978 Fleer Team Action Wax Pack
1978 Fleer Team Action
Fleer used a generic Dallas Cowboys player for the design of their card packs for this set. After two years of producing poor quality cards, Fleer finally started showing signs of improvement.

1978 FTA Up and Over -Tony Dorsett 1978 FTA Doomsday iI
#14 Doomsday II
#13 Up and Over  
1978 FTA Super Bowl V 1978 FTA Super Bowl VI
#62 Super Bowl VI
#61 Super Bowl V  
1978 FTA Super Bowl X 1978 FTA Super Bowl XII
#66 Super Bowl X #68 Super Bowl XII

#14 Doomsday II
Once again Fleer incorporates the general rule, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it," by keeping the design of their cards back essentially the same as the previous year.

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