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1979 Fleer Team Action Wax Pack
1979 Fleer Team Action
With the return of poor centering and rough edges, Fleer took a step backward with the production of their action cards for the 1979 season.

1979 FTA Paving the Way 1979 FTA The Right Place at the Right Time
#13 Paving the Way #14 The Right Place at the Right Time
1979 FTA Super Bowl V 1979 FTA Super VI
#62 Super Bowl VI
#61 Super Bowl V  
1979 FTA Super Bowl X 1979 FTA Super Bowl XII
#66 Super Bowl X #68 Super Bowl XII
1979 FTA Super Bowl XIII
#69 Super Bowl XIII

#13 Paving the Way
Fleer continued to use a simple card back design with game scores and summaries for the Super Bowl cards, and a brief description of the action on the front of the rest of the cards in the set.

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