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1979 Police Cowboys

Cowboys Police sets were issued in the Dallas area from 1979 to 1983, with the exception of 1982. They were sponsored by the local Kiwanis Club and the Dallas Cowboys Weekly.

Complete roster & stats

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1979 Police Roger Staubach 1979 Police Tony Dorsett 1979 Police Charlie Waters
Roger Staubach Tony Dorsett Charlie Waters
1979 Police Cliff Harris 1979 Police Robert Newhouse 1979 Police D.D. Lewis
Cliff Harris Robert Newhouse D.D. Lewis
1979 Police Bob Breunig 1979 Police Randy White 1979 Police Thomas Henderson
Bob Breunig Randy White Thomas Henderson
1979 Police Pat Donovan 1979 Police Harvey Martin 1979 Police Tony Hill
Pat Donovan Harvey Martin Tony Hill
1979 Police Drew Pearson 1979 Police Billy Joe DuPree 1979 Police Tom Landry
Drew Pearson Billy Joe DuPree Tom Landry
Roger Staubach Tom Landry
The backs feature no stats or player information. Instead, there were Cowboys Tips followed by a public safety message.

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