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1953T Johnston Cookies Braves

The Johnston Cookie Company in Milwaukee, Wisconsin treated baseball fans to more than delicious cookies in 1953.  They debuted a 25-card baseball set in 1953, the Braves first year in Milwaukee after their move west from Boston.  It was to be the first of three sets of Braves cards (the other two sets came out in 1954 & 1955) and fans ate them up.  Spahn, Mathews, Burdette, Crandell, Logan, and Adcock were a few of the players’ cards that made up the original set.
RetroCards adds a few more players as well as some of the events involving Milwaukee fans welcoming the Braves to town.  Featured are Sam Jethroe, Bob Thorpe, Mel Roach, Joey Jay, Harry Hanebrink, and an up-and-coming Henry Aaron.  Some of the special cards show a packed Milwaukee County Stadium in 1953, a spring training team card, a welcome parade for the team in downtown Milwaukee, and a card showing the Braves players arriving in a Milwaukee Road train car! 

Complete 11-card Set
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1953T Johnston Cookies Braves
#1 1953 Milwaukee Braves Team Card
1953T Bob Thorpe 1953T Sam Jethroe 1953T Harry Hanebrink 1953T Hank Aaron 1953T Mel Roach
#2 Bob Thorpe #3 Sam Jethroe #4 Harry Hanebrink #5 Hank Aaron #6 Mel Roach
1953T Joey Jay 1953T Braves Arrive in Milwaukee 1953T Welcome Parade 1953T County Stadium 1953T Johnston Cookies Braves CL
#7 Joey Jay #8 Braves Arrive #9 Welcome Parade #10 County Stadium #11 Checklist

All RetroCard style sets feature back designs unique to each set. The backs mimic the classic design of the original set.


1953T Harry Hanebrink (back)

1953T Braves Arrive in Milwaukee (back)
#4 Harry Hanebrink (back) #8 Braves Arrive in Milwaukee (back)



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