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1957T Milwaukee Braves
Books have been written about Milwaukee’s love affair with the Braves and the heartbreak the city went through when they left for Atlanta in 1966.  The arrival of the Milwaukee Brewers in 1970 quelled the pain but there is still a very special spot in the hearts of many Wisconsinites for their Braves.  Milwaukee’s only World Series Victory came in 1957, when they toppled the mighty New York Yankees and RetroCards fittingly has chosen the ’57 Braves as their first Baseball set with a special 20-card collection.

New cards in the 1957 baseball style include Jack Dittmer, Red Schoendienst, Nippy Jones, Bob “Hurricane” Hazle, Joey Jay, Mel Roach, Hawk Taylor, Toby Atwell, Harry Hanebrink, Carl Sawatski, Bob Trowbridge, and Fred Haney.  There is also a special card for radio announcer Earl Gillespie sporting a Braves uniform!  Other highlight cards feature World Series moments including Hank Aaron’s home run that clinched the pennant, The Shoe Polish Incident, Lew Burdette MVP, Bushville Wins, 1957 Champions Team Card, Braves Celebrate, and a special “wax pack wrapper” card with checklist.
Complete 20-card Set
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1957T Jack Dittmer 1957T Bob Hazle 1957T Nippy Jones 1957T Joe Jay 1957T Red Schoendienst
#1 Jack Dittmer #2 Bob Hazle #3 Nippy Jones #4 Joe Jay #5 Red Schoendienst
1957T Bob Trowbridge 1957T Hawk Taylor 1957T Toby Atwell 1957T Mel Roach 1957T Carl Sawatski
#6 Bob Trowbridge #7 Hawk Taylor #8 Toby Atwell #9 Mel Roach #10 Carl Sawatski
1957T Harry Hanebrink 1957T Fred Haney 1957T Earl Gillespie
#11 Harry Hanebrink #12 Fred Haney #13 Earl Gillespie
1957T Series Highlight 1957T Season Highlight 1957T Series Highlight
#14 Series Highlight #15 Season Highlight #16 Series Highlight
Milwaukee Wins WS Aaron's Homer Shoe Polish Incident
1957T Series MVP -Lew Burdette 1957T Series Highlight 1957T Team Photo
#17 Series MVP -Lew Burdette #18 Series Highlight #19 1957 Team Photo
  Bushville Wins  
  1957T Wax Pack Wrapper -checklist  
  #20 Wax Pack Wrapper Card  
  1957T Checklist  

All RetroCard style sets feature back designs unique to each set. The backs mimic the classic design of the original set.


1957T #8 Toby Atwell (back)

1957T #12 Fred Haney (back)
#8 Toby Atwell (back) #12 Fred Haney (back)



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