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1961F Chicago Bears

Before Dick Butkus, there was Joe Fortunato and Bill George.  Before Gale Sayers, there was Willie Galimore and Johnny Morris.   While many of the great “Monsters of the Midway” of the early days were featured in the regular issue football card sets of the day, many were not.

This RetroCards set will help Bears fans to fill out their lineups with both the superstars, and the lesser known “role-players” of the day.   Well known Pro-Bowlers include Bill George, Bill Wade, Richie Petitbon, Johnny Morris, Bob Wetoska and Fred Williams. Mike Ditka appears here in his would-be “rookie card”.   Other players well-known to Bears fans include Angelo Coia, Stan Fanning, Bobby Jackson, John Adams, Ken Kirk, Charlie Bivins, Maury Youmans and others.

Two other special cards are featured here.   Bill Brown, known throughout his career as the tough back with the Vikings, had his start in Chicago.   Bo Farrington, who died in the tragic accident that also took Willie Galimore in 1964, is now finally remembered with a football card.   This set will appeal to Bears fans and fans of the NFL’s rich history alike.   Get yours now!
Complete 18-card Set
International Buyers are welcome, but need to contact me first with your complete shipping address so I can prepare an invoice.

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1961F John Adams 1961F Art Anderson 1961F Charlie Bivins 1961F Bill Brown 1961F Angelo Coia
#1 John Adams #2 Art Anderson

#3 Charlie Bivins

#4 Bill Brown #5 Angelo Coia
1961F Mike Ditka 1961F Stan Fanning 1961F Bo Farrington 1961F Bill George 1961F Bobby Jackson
#6 Mike Ditka #7 Stan Fanning #8 Bo Farrington #9 Bill George #10 Bobby Jackson
1961F Bob Kilcullen 1961F Ken Kirk 1961F Johnny Morris 1961F Richie Petitbon 1961F Rosey Taylor
#11 Bob Kilcullen #12 Ken Kirk #13 Johnny Morris #14 Richie Petitbon #15 Rosey Taylor
1961F Bill Wade 1961F Bob Wetoska 1961F Fred Williams
#16 Bill Wade #17 Bob Wetoska #18 Fred Williams

All RetroCard style sets feature back designs unique to each set. The backs mimic the classic design of the original set.


1961F Stan Fanning (back)

1961F Richie Petitbon (back)
#7 Stan Fanning (back) #14 Richie Petitbon (back)



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