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1962T Houston Colt .45s

Series 1 - (Series 2)
The Houston Colt .45s made their first appearance on baseball cards in the 1962 Topps set.  A total of 27 Colts players and manager Harry Craft were pictured in the set.  Of those 27 Houston Colts in the set, one was listed with his previous team on the front of the card, one player never played for the Colts, and only one player was pictured in his Houston uniform.  Since Houston was a National League expansion team in 1962 Topps wouldn’t have had any photos of Colt personnel prior to their printing of the first few series of cards in the 1962 set.  To remedy that situation and to include every player and the entire coaching staff of Houston’s inaugural big league team, a 48 card set with everyone pictured in a Colt uniform has been produced. This 48-card set (Series 1) is reminiscent of the 1962 Topps cards, complete with the wood grain borders and Topps style card backs.  The set is numbered according to the player’s appearance in the Colt .45s lineup.  Cards 1-9 are the opening day starters.  Card number 10 is Houston manager Harry Craft.  Cards 11-44 represent the remaining players that were on the Colts roster during the 1962 season, numbered according to their first time in the lineup and cards 45-48 are the four coaches.  Since 2012 is the 50th anniversary of the first Houston Colt .45s game, this is perfect timing to commemorate Houston’s first big league baseball team.

Series 2 completes the Retrocards Houston Colt .45s set with 39 additional cards -1963T & 1964T.

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1962T Bob Aspromonte 1962T Al Spangler 1962T Roman Mejias 1962T Norm Larker 1962T Jim Pendleton
#1 Bob Aspromonte #2 Al Spangler #3 Roman Mejias #4 Norm Larker #5 Jim Pendleton
1962T Hal Smith 1962T Joe Amalfitano 1962T Don Buddin 1962T Bobby Shantz 1962T Harry Craft
#6 Hal Smith #7 Joe Amalfitano #8 Don Buddin #9 Bobby Shantz #10 Harry Craft
1962T Hal Woodeshick 1962T Dick Farrell 1962T Dick Gernert 1962T Al Heist 1962T Dean Stone
#11 Hal Woodeshick #12 Dick Farrell #13 Dick Gernert #14 Al Heist #15 Dean Stone
1962T Pidge Browne 1962T Bobby Tiefenauer 1962T Dave Giusti 1962T Merritt Ranew 1962T Johnny Weekly
#16 Pidge Browne #17 Bobby Tiefenauer #18 Dave Giusti #19 Merritt Ranew #20 Johnny Weekly
1962T Ken Johnson 1962T Jim Umbricht 1962T Jim Golden 1962T Bob Lillis 1962T Don Taussig
#21 Ken Johnson #22 Jim Umbricht #23 Jim Golden #24 Bob Lillis #25 Don Taussig
1962T Al Cicotte 1962T Bob Bruce 1962T Carl Warwick 1962T Don McMahon 1962T John Anderson
#26 Al Cicotte #27 Bob Bruce #28 Carl Warwick #29 Don McMahon #30 John Anderson
1962T Billy Goodman 1962T Jim Busby 1962T George Witt 1962T Russ Kemmerer 1962T Bob Cerv
#31 Billy Goodman #32 Jim Busby #33 George Witt #34 Russ Kemmerer #35 Bob Cerv
1962T Ernie Fazio 1962T Dick Drott 1962T Jim Campbell 1962T J.C. Hartman 1962T George Brunet
#36 Ernie Fazio #37 Dick Drott #38 Jim Campbell #39 J.C. Hartman #40 George Brunet
1962T Ron Davis 1962T Johnny Temple 1962T Dave Roberts 1962T George Williams 1962T Jimmy Adair
#41 Ron Davis #42 Johnny Temple #43 Dave Roberts #44 George Williams #45 Jimmy Adair
1962T Bobby Bragan 1962T Cot Deal 1962T Luman Harris
#46 Bobby Bragan #47 Cot Deal #48 Luman Harris

The back of the cards in this set are just like the real 1962 Topps cards.

#6 Hal Smith (back)
#6 Hal Smith (back)
#37 Dick Drott (back)
#37 Dick Drott (back)
#45 Jimmy Adair (back)
#45 Jimmy Adair (back)

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