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Houston Colt .45s

1963T & 1964T Houston Colt .45s

(Series 1) - Series 2
Series 2 of Retrocards Houston Colt .45s picks up where Series 1 left off. Cards numbered 49 through 73 picture all 25 players that made their Houston debut during the 1963 season.  Those 25 cards are done in the colorful style of the original 1963 Topps set.  Cards numbered 74 through 87 depict the 14 players that made their Colt .45 debut during the 1964 campaign -the final season before the club changed its nickname to the Astros and moved indoors to the Astrodome.  The 14 cards of players from 1964 are done in the same style as the original 1964 Topps set.
Within the combined two series are all 82 players that put on a Houston Colts uniform.  From the Hall-of-Fame players to the one game wonders, they are all there and each is depicted in their Colt .45s uniform.  Nowhere else can such a collection be found.

Series 1 preceeds this set with a 48-card 1962T Houston Colt .45s set.

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1963T Pete Runnels 1963T Rusty Staub 1963T Howie Goss 1963T Carroll Hardy 1963T Brock Davis
#49 Pete Runnels #50 Rusty Staub #51 Howie Goss #52 Carroll Hardy #53 Brock Davis
1963T Don Nottebart 1963T Randy Cardinal 1963T Chris Zachary 1963T John Bateman 1963T Hal Brown
#54 Don Nottebart #55 Randy Cardinal #56 Chris Zachary #57 John Bateman #58 Hal Brown
1963T Dave Adlesh 1963T Jim Dickson 1963T Jim Wynn 1963T Glenn Vaughan 1963T Mike White
#59 Dave Adlesh #60 Jim Dickson #61 Jim Wynn #62 Glenn Vaughan #63 Mike White
1963T Joe Morgan 1963T Jerry Grote 1963T Aaron Pointer 1963T Larry Yellen 1963T Sonny Jackson
#64 Joe Morgan #65 Jerry Grote #66 Aaron Pointer #67 Larry Yellen #68 Sonny Jackson
1963T Jay Dahl 1963T Danny Coombs 1963T Joe Hoerner 1963T Ivan Murrell 1963T John Paciorek
#69 Jay Dahl #70 Danny Coombs #71 Joe Hoerner #72 Ivan Murrell #73 John Paciorek

1964T Eddie Kasco 1964T Nellie Fox 1964T Walt Bond 1964T Jim Beauchamp 1964T Jim Owens
#74 Eddie Kasco #75 Nellie Fox #76 Walt Bond #77 Jim Beauchamp #78 Jim Owens
1964T Claude Raymond 1964T Steve Hertz 1964T Walt Williams 1964T Don Larsen 1964T Gordon Jones
#79 Claude Raymond #80 Steve Hertz #81 Walt Williams #82 Don Larsen #83 Gordon Jones
1964T Joe Gaines 1964T John Hoffman 1964T Larry Dierker 1964T Don Bradey
#84 Joe Gaines #85 John Hoffman #86 Larry Dierker #87 Don Bradey

Here's a couple samples of the 1963T backs...

1963T Dave Adlesh (back) 1963T Larry Yellen (back)
#59 Dave Adlesh (back) #67 Larry Yellen (back)

Here's a couple samples of the 1964T backs...
1964T Walt Williams (back) 1964T Larry Dierker (back)
#81 Walt Williams (back) #67 Larry Dierker (back)

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