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1963T New York Giants

The 1962 season was one of great success for the New York Giants as they finished 12-2 and appeared in the NFL Championship Game for the fifth time in the past seven seasons.   It was also one of great disappointment, as they lost their fourth straight championship game, this time being a 16-7 loss to the Green Bay Packers, in a blustery and bitterly cold game at Yankee Stadium.  The 1963 season would also be one of great success, as they would, again, return to the NFL Championship Game following an 11-3 record.  However, disappointment would again befall the franchise, with a heartbreaking 14-10 loss to the Chicago Bears.

RetroCards, always expanding the attractive 1963 set, offers this supplement to the Giants collection.   Truly a glory era for the New York franchise, superstars and Hall-of-Famers are featured, such as Frank Gifford, Andy Robustelli, Hugh McElhenny, Dick Modzelewski and Roosevelt “Rosey” Brown.   Other great role players, in various stages of their careers with the Giants, include Greg Larson, Jerry Hillebrand, Joe Morrison, Tom Scott, Don Chandler, Dick Lynch and Joe Walton, among others.

The New York Giants are a team with a truly rich history. This set will be a great addition to the collection of any Giants fan that chronicals this great history.  So, if you are an avid fan of the G-Men, a historian of the gridiron, or just a true collector who loves the style and look of the 1963 football set, this set is just for you.
Complete 18-card Set
International Buyers are welcome, but need to contact me first with your complete shipping address so I can prepare an invoice.

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1963T Bookie Bolin 1963T Rosey Brown 1963T Don Chandler 1963T Johnny Counts 1963T Frank Gifford
#1 Bookie Bolin #2 Rosey Brown #3 Don Chandler #4 Johnny Counts #5 Frank Gifford
1963T Glynn Griffing 1963T Ralph Guglielmi 1963T Jerry Hillebrand 1963T Greg Larson 1963T Dick Lynch
#6 Glynn Griffing #7 Ralph Guglielmi #8 Jerry Hillebrand #9 Greg Larson #10 Dick Lynch
1963T Hugh McElhenny 1963T Dick Modzelewski 1963T Joe Morrison 1963T Dick Pesonen 1963T Andy Robustelli
#11 Hugh McElhenny #12 Dick Modzelewski #13 Joe Morrison #14 Dick Pesonen #15 Andy Robustelli
1963T Tom Scott 1963T Joe Walton 1963T Bill Winter
#16 Tom Scott #17 Joe Walton #18 Bill Winter

All RetroCard style sets feature back designs unique to each set. The backs mimic the classic design of the original set.


1963T Rosey Brown (back)

1963T Joe Morrison (back)
#2 Rosey Brown (back) #13 Joe Morrison (back)



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