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1963T Los Angeles Rams

The 1960’s were disappointing years for the Los Angeles Rams, and the 1963 team was coming off a rock bottom year, as they finished last in the NFL West with a 1-12-1 record the previous year.   However, the team did not lack charm, nor did it lack the vestiges of greatness that would eventually bloom later in the decade.   A look at the team’s roster would make one wonder why they weren’t more successful, but their time was yet to come.

The “Fearsome Foursome” quartet was intact by 1963, with Lamar Lundy the highlight of this new RetroCards 18-card set.   Other stars of the Rams defense include Jack Pardee, Alvin Hall, Carver Shannon, Bill Jobko, Charley Britt and Larry Stephens, among others.   Young linemen Joe Scibelli and Charlie Cowen join veterans Art Hunter and Jim Boeke in this set. Heisman Trophy winner and number-one overall draft pick Terry Baker has his would-be “rookie card” in this set, while young ends Duane Allen and John Adams help round out the set.

The 1963 style has been considered by many to be among the most attractive and colorful styles in the history of the hobby, and still looks great today.   Whether you are a fan of the Rams through thick-and-thin, or yet another of the many aficionados of the 1963 football set, this set will be a wonderful addition to your collection.
Complete 18-card Set
International Buyers are welcome, but need to contact me first with your complete shipping address so I can prepare an invoice.

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1963T Lamar Lundy 1963T Bill Jobko 1963T Art Perkins 1963T Larry Hayes 1963T Carver Shannon
#1 Lamar Lundy #2 Bill Jobko #3 Art Perkins #4 Larry Hayes #5 Carver Shannon
1963T Duane Allen 1963T Charlie Cowan 1963T Joe Scibelli 1963T Jack Pardee 1963T Charley Britt
#6 Duane Allen #7 Charlie Cowan #8 Joe Scibelli #9 Jack Pardee #10 Charley Britt
1963T Larry Stephens 1963T Art Hunter 1963T Bobby Smith 1963T John Adams 1963T Jim Boeke
#11 Larry Stephens #12 Art Hunter #13 Bobby Smith #14 John Adams #15 Jim Boeke
1963T Alvin Hall 1963T Mike Henry 1963T Terry Baker
#16 Alvin Hall #17 Mike Henry #18 Terry Baker

All RetroCard style sets feature back designs unique to each set. The backs mimic the classic design of the original set.


1963T Charlie Cowan (back)

1963T Alvin Hall (back)
#7 Charlie Cowan (back) #16 Alvin Hall (back)



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