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1963T Washington Redskins

A colorful franchise with a rich history in professional football that goes back to the 1930’s, the Washington Redskins are one of the most popular teams in pro sports.  The 1960’s however, were not so colorful, except for their uniforms, as the franchise languished at the bottom of the NFL.  Coming off a 5-7-2 season in 1962, the “Skins”, under Head Coach Bill McPeak, would sink deeper into the doldrums, winning only 3 games against 11 losses.

Although the team would have to wait nearly a decade for their next winning season and post-season appearance, the Redskins had their loyal fans.  They played a rough style of football, and their burgundy and gold uniforms, with the iconic spear on the helmet, drew crowds on cold autumn days.  RetroCards, always expanding the equally colorful 1963 football card style, now brings more of the Skins history to life with this 22-card set.  Figures of the franchise from the early ‘60’s include Vince Promuto, Joe Rutgens, Bob Pellegrini, Andy Stynchula, John Paluck, Jim Steffen, and the Khayat brothers, Ed and Bob.  Players that would achieve fame later with other teams include Johnny Sample, Bill Anderson, Dale Hackbart and Ron Snidow.  Unsung contributors, especially those mudders in the trenches, get their due, such as Fran O’Brien, Fred Hageman, Gorden Kelley, Harry Butsko and others.

The glamour of pro football didn’t only reside with the championship teams.  Sometimes it lay dormant with the franchises in their hard times.  So, if you are a hardcore Skins fan through it all, a fan of the style and color of the 1963 cards, or a discriminating collector of pro football history, here’s your chance to awaken more of the hidden glory that is the Washington Redskins. 


Complete 22-card Set
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1963T Joe Rutgens 1963T George Izo 1963T Johnny Sample 1963T Gorden Kelley 1963T Bill Anderson
#1 Joe Rutgens #2 George Izo

#3 Johnny Sample

#4 Gorden Kelley #5 Bill Anderson
1963T Allen Miller 1963T Harry Butsko 1963T Andy Stynchula 1963T Jim Costen 1963T Vince Promuto
#6 Allen Miller #7 Harry Butsko #8 Andy Stynchula #9 Jim Costen #10 Vince Promuto
1963T Steve Junker 1963T Hugh Smith 1963T Doug Elmore 1963T Bob Khayat 1963T Ron Snidow
#11 Steve Junker #12 Hugh Smith #13 Doug Elmore #14 Bob Khayat #15 Ron Snidow
1963T Fran O'Brien 1963T Bob Pellegrini 1963T Jim Steffen 1963T Ed Khayat 1963T Fred Hegeman
#16 Fran O'Brien #17 Bob Pellegrini #18 Jim Steffen #19 Ed Khayat #20 Fred Hegeman
  1963T John Paluck 1963T Galen Hall  
  #21 John Paluck #22 Galen Hall  

All RetroCard style sets feature back designs unique to each set. The backs mimic the classic design of the original set.


1963T Gorden Kelley (back)

1963T Fred Hegeman (back)
#4 Gorden Kelley (back) #20 Fred Hegeman (back)



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