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There are two varieties of wax packs; a 12-card pack, and a 10-card custom pack where you can choose the cards you want. Relive your youth and open packs of 1966P Retrocards!

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 $20.00/ea  $20.00/ea
12-card Wax Pack (random) 10-card Custom Wax Pack (buyers choice)
Pack includes randomly sorted cards. Include a note with the #'s of the cards you want.

1966P Wax Pack, Joe Don Looney, Paul Hornung, Lance Rentzel, George Mira
1966P - The Final Series Complete Checklist
199 Atlanta Falcons Alex Hawkins
200 Atlanta Falcons Jerry Jones
201 Atlanta Falcons Frank Marchlewski
202 Atlanta Falcons Bill Martin
203 Atlanta Falcons Nick Rassas
204 Atlanta Falcons Steve Sloan
205 Atlanta Falcons Don Talbert
206 Atlanta Falcons Bob Whitlow
207 Atlanta Falcons Falcons TL
208 Baltimore Colts Ordell Brasse
209 Baltimore Colts Gary Cuozzo
210 Baltimore Colts Jerry Hill
211 Baltimore Colts Willie Richardson
212 Baltimore Colts Don Shinnick
213 Baltimore Colts Billy Ray Smith
214 Baltimore Colts Steve Stonebreaker
215 Baltimore Colts Butch Wilson
216 Baltimore Colts Colts TL
217 Chicago Bears Duane Allen
218 Chicago Bears Charlie Bivins
219 Chicago Bears Bob Kilcullen
220 Chicago Bears Joe Marconi
221 Chicago Bears Ed O'Bradovich
222 Chicago Bears Brian Piccolo
223 Chicago Bears Larry Rakestraw
224 Chicago Bears Dave Whitsell
225 Chicago Bears Bears TL
226 Cleveland Browns Galen Fiss
227 Cleveland Browns Lou Groza
228 Cleveland Browns Clifton McNeil
229 Cleveland Browns Jim Ninowski
230 Cleveland Browns Frank Parker
231 Cleveland Browns Bernie Parrish
232 Cleveland Browns Nick Pietrosante
233 Cleveland Browns Paul Warfield
234 Cleveland Browns Browns TL
235 Dallas Cowboys Jim Colvin
236 Dallas Cowboys Mike Gaechter
237 Dallas Cowboys Walt Garrison
238 Dallas Cowboys Pete Gent
239 Dallas Cowboys Jethro Pugh
240 Dallas Cowboys Jerry Rhome
241 Dallas Cowboys Les Shy
242 Dallas Cowboys Willie Townes
243 Dallas Cowboys Cowboys TL
244 Detroit Lions Wally Hilgenberg
245 Detroit Lions George Izo
246 Detroit Lions Jim Kearney
247 Detroit Lions Bob Kowalkowski
248 Detroit Lions Ron Kramer
249 Detroit Lions Bill Malinchak
250 Detroit Lions Darris McCord
251 Detroit Lions Bobby Thompson
252 Detroit Lions Lions TL
253 Green Bay Packers Lionel Aldridge
254 Green Bay Packers Bill Anderson
255 Green Bay Packers Zeke Bratkowski
256 Green Bay Packers Paul Hornung
257 Green Bay Packers Jerry Kramer
258 Green Bay Packers Bob Long
259 Green Bay Packers Max McGee
260 Green Bay Packers Dave Robinson
261 Green Bay Packers Packers TL
262 Los Angeles Rams Ken Iman
263 Los Angeles Rams Les Josephson
264 Los Angeles Rams Chuck Lamson
265 Los Angeles Rams Tom Moore
266 Los Angeles Rams Myron Pottios
267 Los Angeles Rams Jack Snow
268 Los Angeles Rams Billy Truax
269 Los Angeles Rams Clancy Williams
270 Los Angeles Rams Rams TL
271 Minnesota Vikings Karl Kassulke
272 Minnesota Vikings Phil King
273 Minnesota Vikings Gary Larsen
274 Minnesota Vikings Jim Phillips
275 Minnesota Vikings Lance Rentzel
276 Minnesota Vikings Ron Vander Kelen
277 Minnesota Vikings Roy Winston
278 Minnesota Vikings Jim Young
279 Minnesota Vikings Vikings TL
280 New York Giants Bookie Bolin
281 New York Giants Pete Case
282 New York Giants Darrell Dess
283 New York Giants Pete Gogolak
284 New York Giants Jim Katcavage
285 New York Giants Ernie Koy
286 New York Giants Earl Morrall
287 New York Giants Del Shofner
288 New York Giants Giants TL
289 Philadelphia Eagles King Hill
290 Philadelphia Eagles Lane Howell
291 Philadelphia Eagles Don Hultz
292 Philadelphia Eagles Ollie Matson
293 Philadelphia Eagles Mike Morgan
294 Philadelphia Eagles Jim Skaggs
295 Philadelphia Eagles Fred Whittingham
296 Philadelphia Eagles Tom Woodeshick
297 Philadelphia Eagles Eagles TL
298 Pittsburgh Steelers John Baker
299 Pittsburgh Steelers Charlie Bradshaw
300 Pittsburgh Steelers John Campbell
301 Pittsburgh Steelers Bob Hohn
302 Pittsburgh Steelers Brady Keys
303 Pittsburgh Steelers Ken Kortas
304 Pittsburgh Steelers Ray Mansfield
305 Pittsburgh Steelers Bill Saul
306 Pittsburgh Steelers Steelers TL
307 St. Louis Cardinals Monk Bailey
308 St. Louis Cardinals Bill Koman
309 St. Louis Cardinals Ernie McMillan
310 St. Louis Cardinals Dave Meggyesy
311 St. Louis Cardinals Terry Nofsinger
312 St. Louis Cardinals Johnny Roland
313 St. Louis Cardinals Larry Stallings
314 St. Louis Cardinals Abe Woodson
315 St. Louis Cardinals Cardinals TL
316 San Fran. 49ers Bob Harrison
317 San Fran. 49ers Jim Jackson
318 San Fran. 49ers Charlie Kreuger
319 San Fran. 49ers Dave McCormick
320 San Fran. 49ers George Mira
321 San Fran. 49ers Len Rhode
322 San Fran. 49ers Monte Stickles
323 San Fran. 49ers Dick Witcher
324 San Fran. 49ers 49ers TL
325 Wash. Redskins Charlie Gogolak
326 Wash. Redskins Len Hauss
327 Wash. Redskins Pat Hodgson
328 Wash. Redskins Sam Huff
329 Wash. Redskins Jake Kupp
330 Wash. Redskins Joe Don Looney
331 Wash. Redskins Dick Shiner
332 Wash. Redskins Ron Snidow
333 Wash. Redskins Redskins TL
334 1965 Pro Bowl  East - West Pro Bowl
335 1965 Playoff Bowl Colts vs. Cowboys
336 1965 Div. Playoff Packers vs. Colts
337 1965 Champ. Game Packers vs. Browns
338 Checklist #3 199-338

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