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1968T Chicago Bears

The 1967 season was an up-and-down year for the Bears. They tallied some big wins, including victories over the Giants, 49ers, Vikings and two over their division rival Lions.  However, they posted a barely winning 7-6-1 record and a second place finish in the NFL Central Division.  The 1968 season would bring little change for the Bears, as they finished 7-7 and again, second place in the division.   Gale Sayers remained the heart and soul of the Bears offense, while Dick Butkus continued to anchor the feared “Monsters of the Midway” defense.

As the Bears plodded along through the ‘60’s, RetroCards recalls the players of the 1968 team with this 20-card set, featuring the rough-and-tough gridiron mudders who filled out the Bears lineup around Sayers and Butkus.  Flanking Sayers on offense, Dick Gordon and Ronnie Bull ran and caught the ball, while George Seals, Mike Pyle, and Doug Kriewald blocked up front. Standing alongside Butkus on defense, Doug Buffone, Rudy Kuechenberg and Willie Holman kept the “Monsters of the Midway” mystique alive, while Curtis Gentry and Roosevelt “Rosey” Taylor roamed the defensive backfield.

Whenever possible, we always attempt to have a Quarterback in our sets.  In the case, we have two - veteran Rudy Bukich and newcomer Larry Rakestraw shared time with regular signal caller Jack Concannon.  Then, after all the touchdowns have been scored, kicker Mac Percival graces this set for extra points.   Additional youngsters such as Frank Cornish, Mike Hull, Loyd Phillips and others help to round out this set. Here at RetroCards, we are going all out for Bears fans, and meticulous fans of pro football history everywhere, with this set in the distinctive 1968 style.
Complete 24-card Set
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1968T Brian Piccolo 1968T Doug Buffone 1968T Mac Percival 1968T Larry Rakestraw 1968T Rudy Kuechenberg
#1 Brian Piccolo #2 Doug Buffone

#3 Mac Percival

#4 Larry Rakestraw #5 Rudy
1968T Frank Cornish 1968T Curtis Gentry 1968T Emilio Vallez 1968T Mike Hull 1968T Bob Jones
#6 Frank Cornish #7 Curtis Gentry #8 Emilio Vallez #9 Mike Hull #10 Bob Jones
1968T Doug Kriewald 1968T Rosey Taylor 1968T Rudy Bukich 1968T Loyd Phillips 1968T Willie Holman
#11 Doug Kriewald #12 Rosey Taylor #13 Rudy Bukich #14 Loyd Phillips #15 Willie Holman
1968T Dick Gordon 1968T Mike Pyle 1968T Ronnie Bull 1968T Mike Reilly 1968T George Seals
#16 Dick Gordon #17 Mike Pyle #18 Ron Bull #19 Mike Reilly #20 George Seals
1968T Ed O'Bradovich 1968T Bob Wallace 1968T Bob Wetoska 1968T Cecil Turner
#21 Ed O'Bradovich #22 Bob Wallace #23 Bob Wetoska #24 Cecil Turner

All RetroCard style sets feature back designs unique to each set. The backs mimic the classic design of the original set.


1968T Frank Cornish (back)

1968T Dick Gordon (back)
#6 Frank Cornish (back) #16 Dick Gordon (back)



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