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1971T Chicago Bears

The 1970 Chicago Bears were coming off one of their most difficult seasons in the team’s history as they saw the great potential of their superstar halfback Gale Sayers get cut short by a second season-ending injury, while also burying their former fullback Brian Piccolo who died of cancer that year. The 1970 Bears posted a mediocre 6-8 record, tying for third with the Packers in the Central Division of the newly formed National Football Conference.  Their long slog through 1970 finished on a bright note with two victories; a stunning 35-17 victory over the Packers, and a big 24-3 win in their finale against the Saints.

Here at RetroCards, in continuing to honor the storied Windy City franchise, presents another 18-card set in the popular 1971 style.   The blue-border cards with the humorous cartoon figures in the lower left corner, are highlighted by a brand new set of Bears that would escort the team into the 1970’s.  Familiar skill-players include George Farmer, Bob Wallace, Don Shy and Linzy Cole.  Fans of the trenches will enjoy the O-linemen in this set, rarely given their often-overlooked due, such as Randy Jackson, Jim Cadile, Glen Holloway, Wayne Mass and Rich Coady. Veteran defenders Joe Taylor, Bennie McRae, George Seals, Willie Holman and Garry Lyle also appear in this set, among others.

Although not flashy or glamorous in those days, the Bears were still the Bears, beloved in Chicago and respected by football fans everywhere.  Our 1971 set continues to build on our ever-growing repository of Bears history, not only for the hardcore Bears fan, but for all students of pro football history.

Complete 18-card Set
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1971T Jim Cadile 1971T Wayne Mass 1971T Randy Jackson 1971T Glen Holloway 1971T Willie Holman
#1 Jim Cadile #2 Wayne Mass #3 Randy Jackson #4 Glen Holloway #5 Willie Holman
1971T George SealsGeorge Seals 1971T Rich Coady 1971T Joe Moore 1971T George Farmer 1971T Jimmy Gunn
#6 George Seals #7 Rich Coady #8 Joe Moore #9 George Farmer #10 Jimmy Gunn
1971T Bob Wallace 1971T Garry Lyle 1971T Linzy Cole 1971T Ross Brupbacher 1971T Don Shy
#11 Bob Wallace #12 Garry Lyle #13 Linzy Cole #14 Ross #15 Don Shy
1971T Joe Taylor 1971T Bennie McRae 1971T Bill Staley
#16 Joe Taylor #17 Bennie McRae #18 Bill Staley

All RetroCard style sets feature back designs unique to each set. The backs mimic the classic design of the original set.


1971T Joe Moore (back)

1971T Garry Lyle (back)
#8 Joe Moore (back) #12 Garry Lyle (back)



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