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1982T Brewers

Since 1970 the Milwaukee Brewers have entertained the baseball town of Milwaukee to various degrees, but none was more thrilling than 1982 when they won the American League pennant.  It was strange year as the Brewers underachieved during the first half of the season which led to the firing of Manager Buck Rodgers in favor of long-time coach Harvey Kuenn.  That lit a spark and the team finished strong to win their first A.L. Pennant.

This RetroCards set contains: Don Sutton, Sal Bando, Pete Ladd, Doc Medich, Doug Jones, Kevin Bass, Mike Parrott, Bob Skube.  High-energy In Action cards of Paul Molitor, Cecil Cooper, Robin Yount, and Mr. Baseball, Bob Uecker in his broadcast booth.  RetroCards fills in gaps with a league leaders card of Cecil Cooper & Bill Bucker, who led each respective league in doubles, MVP and Cy Young cards featuring Rollie Fingers, highlights of the Brewers first playoff appearance in 1981and a "Kuenn Replaces Rodgers" card, three All-Star cards (Fingers, Ted Simmons, Gorman Thomas), a checklist, and finally a special commemorative card of Rickey Henderson breaking Lou Brock's single season base stealing record in Milwaukee that season.
Complete 22-card Set
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1982T Don Sutton 1982T Pete Ladd 1982T Bob Skube 1982T George Medich 1982T Kevin Bass
#1 Don Sutton #2 Pete Ladd

#3 Bob Skube

#4 George Medich #5 Kevin Bass
1982T Doug Jones 1982T Mike Parrott 1982T Sal Bando 1982T -1981 MVP's Mike Schmidt & Rollie Fingers 1982T -1981 Cy Young Winners F.Valenzuela & Rollie Fingers
#6 Doug Jones #7 Mike Parrott #8 Sal Bando #9 '81 MVP #10 '81 Cy Young
      Rollie Fingers Rollie Fingers
1982T -1981 Doubles Leaders Bill Buckner & Cecil Cooper 1982T Paul Molitor IA 1982T Robin Yount IA 1982T Cecil Cooper IA 1982T Bob Uecker IA
#11 '81 Doubles LL #12 Paul Molitor IA #13 Robin Yount IA #14 Cecil Cooper IA #15 Bob Uecker IA
Cecil Cooper        
1982T -1981 HL Brewers First ALDS 1982T -1982 HL Henderson Sets Mark for Stolen Bases 1982T -1982 HL Brewers Change Managers, Harvey Kuenn 1982T All Star Rollie Fingers 1982T All Star George Thomas
#16 '81 Highlights #17 '82 Highlights #18 '82 Highlights #19 Rollie Fingers AS #20 George Thomas
1st ALDS Stolen Bases Record New Manager   AS
1982T All Star Ted Simmons 1982T Brewers Checklist
#21 Ted Simmons AS #22 Brewers CL

All RetroCard style sets feature back designs unique to each set. The backs mimic the classic design of the original set.


1982T Don Sutton (back)

1982T Robin Yount IA (back)
#1 Don Sutton (back) #13 Robin Yount IA (back)



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