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1982T Dodgers

Having been a great team with great players for a decade, this Dodger team couldn’t win the big one. And with guys like Cey, Russell, Lopes, Baker, Hooten, Johnstone, Monday, and Garvey getting old, time was running out.  They had lost three World Series in the 70s and narrowly missed the playoffs in 1980, losing a tie-breaker in the 163rd game of the season. It appeared the curtain was almost closed.  Realizing this, perhaps, manager Tommy Lasorda sent each player a personal letter over the prior winter challenging and encouraging the players.  They knew what was at stake.

Winning 29 of their first 40 games, the Dodgers looked like the hottest team in baseball.  But the strike interrupted their momentum and they stumbled in the second half finishing only one game over .500.  No matter.  They were a veteran team with bright young players like rookie Fernando Valenzuela and they played loose and played smart. 

This 24-card RetroCards set fills in some gap of players that were missed in the regular and updates sets of 1982 such as: Manny Mota, Tom Niedenfuer, Ron Roenicke, Mike Marshall, Jerry Grote, Jack Perconte, Bobby Mitchell, Dave Sax, Ted Power, and Candy Maldonado.  Also featured are an All-Star card of Burt Hooten and a Cy Young and Rookie Of the Year winners showcasing Fernando Valenzuela.  Cards of every playoff series including three fun World Series cards, plus other highlight cards featuring Tommy Lasorda being interviewed by Vin Scully, and the very fun card of Rick Monday shoving a cream pie in Jay Johnstone’s face.  Those were the days!

Complete 24-card Set
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1982T Dodgers Team Card 1982T Manny Mota 1982T Tom Niedenfuer 1982T Ron Roenicke 1982T Mike Marshall
#1 LA Dodgers #2 Manny Mota

#3 Tom Niedenfuer

#4 Ron Roenicke #5 Mike Marshall
Team Card        
1982T Jerry Grote 1982T Jack Perconte 1982T Bobby Mitchell 1982T Dave Sax 1982T Ted Power
#6 Jerry Grote #7 Jack Perconte #8 Bobby Mitchell #9 Dave Sax #10 Ted Power
1982T Candy Maldonado 1982T Burt Hooten All Star 1982T Cy Young - Rollie Fingers & Fernando Valenzuela 1982T Rookies of the Year - Dave Righetti & Fernando Valenzuela 1982T '81 Highlight - Strike Ends
#11 Candy #12 Burt Hooten AS #13 Cy Young #14 ROY Righetti, #15 '81 Highlight
Maldonado   Fingers/Valenzuela Valenzuela Strike Ends
1982T '81 Highlight - Teammates 1982T NLDS - LA vs. Houston 1982T NLCS - LA vs. Montreal 1982T World Series HL - Johnstone Homer 1982T World Series HL - Dodgers Rush Field
#16 '81 Highlight #17 NL Div. Series #18 NLCS #19 World Series HL #20 World Series HL
Teammates LA vs. Houston LA vs. Montreal Johnstone Homer Dodgers Rush Field
1982T World Series MVP's - Guererro, Yeager, Cey 1982T Vin Scully IA 1982T Derrel Thomas IA 1982T Dodgers CL
#21 World Series MVPs #22 Vin Scully IA #23 Derrel Thomas IA #24 Dodgers CL
Guererro, Yeager, Cey      

All RetroCard style sets feature back designs unique to each set. The backs mimic the classic design of the original set.


1982T Ted Power (back)

1982T Derrel Thomas IA (back)
#10 Ted Power (back) #23 Derrel Thomas IA (back)



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