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Walter Payton Collection

RetroCards commemorates the great Walter Payton with this 9-card set.  Although the main RetroCard mission has been to give players that have not been well represented on sports cards the recognition many fans feel they deserve, RetroCards also recognizes some of the biggest stars and events with custom cards that never were.

This set is book ended by a 1975 pre-rookie card and a 1988 post-retirement regular card (he only had a highlight card in 1988), plus it fills in a couple league leader cards that were never issued.  The remaining cards are various records, awards, a Pro Bowl Card with Eric Dickerson, and a special “raspberry” card punking the 1985 Bears Super Bowl Shuffle.
Complete 9-card Set
International Buyers are welcome, but need to contact me first with your complete shipping address so I can prepare an invoice.

Personal checks & money orders also accepted. Please contact me for details.
1975T Walter Payton 1980T Walter Payton 1984T Instant Replay (W.Payton & E.Dickerson) 1986T Walter Payton Record Breaker 1986T W.Payton Super Bowl Shuffle
1975T Walter Payton 1980T W.Payton NFL 1984T Instant Replay 1986T Walter Payton 1986T Walter Payton
  1979 Highlight Payton & Dickerson 1985 Record Breaker Super Bowl Shuffle
1988T Walter Payton 1978T Player of the 1980T Rushing LDRS 1981T Rushing LDRS
1988T Walter Payton 1978T Player of the 1980T Rushing LDRS 1981T Rushing LDRS
  Year Payton & Campbell Payton & Campbell

All RetroCard style sets feature new back designs unique to each set. The backs now mimic the classic design of the original set. This new feature takes RetroCards to a whole new level with our custom cards.


1975T Walter Payton (back)

1988T Walter Payton (back)
1975T Walter Payton (back) 1988T Walter Payton (back)



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