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~ RetroCards Singles ~

These cards are part of a running series of players that either never had a card issued with the team shown, or a card style that pre-dates their rookie card. These cards also include styles from a year the player was not issued a card.

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1958T Chuck Howley -Bears 1958T Norm Van Brocklin -Eagles 1958T Len Dawson -Steelers 1958T Chuck Noll -Browns 1958T Jimmy Orr -Steelers
Chuck Howley Norm Van Brocklin Len Dawson Chuck Noll Jimmy Orr
Chicago Bears Philadelphia Eagles Pittsburgh Steelers Cleveland Browns Pittsburgh Steelers
1958T Norm Masters 1958T Jerry Reichow 1958T Ernie Stautner    
Norm Masters Jerry Reichow Ernie Stautner - -
Green Bay Packers Detroit Lions Pittsburgh Steelers - -
1959T John Madden -Eagles 1959T Frank Clarke -Browns 1959T Bob Ptacek    
John Madden Frank Clarke Bob Ptacek - -
Philadelphia Eagles Cleveland Browns Cleveland Browns - -
1960F Bob Bryant 1960F Bob Scrabis 1960F Bob Brodhead 1960F Ed Bernet 1960F Dave Rolle
Bob Bryant Bob Scrabis Bob Brodhead Ed Bernet Dave Rolle
Dallas Texans New York Titans Buffalo Bills Dallas Texans Denver Broncos
1960F Dalva Allen 1960F Cotton Davidson      
Dalva Allen Cotton Davidson - - -
Houston Oilers Dallas Texans - - -
1960T Sonny Jurgensen -Eagles 1960T Jim Marshall -Browns 1960T Buddy Humphrey 1960T Eagle Day -Washington Redskins  
Sonny Jurgensen Jim Marshall Buddy Humphrey Eagle Day -
Philadelphia Eagles Cleveland Browns Los Angeles Rams Washington Redskins -
1961F Fran Tarkenton -Vikings 1961F Tony Romeo 1961F Billy Kilmer -49ers 1961F George Izo 1961F Paul Rochester
Fran Tarkenton Tony Romeo Billy Kilmer George Izo Paul Rochester
Minnesota Vikings Dallas Texans San Francisco 49ers Washington Redskins Dallas Texans
1961F Terry Nofsinger 1961F EJ Holub 1961F Karl Rubke 1961F Doyle Nix 1961F Zeke Bratkowski
Terry Nofsinger E.J. Holub Karl Rubke Doyle Nix Zeke Bratkowski
Pittsburgh Steelers Dallas Texans Minnesota Vikings Dallas Texans Los Angeles Rams
1961T Jerry Kramer        
Jerry Kramer - - - -
Green Bay Packers - - - -
1962F Lance Alworth -Chargers 1962F Bobby Ply 1962F Dick Wood 1962F Johnny Green 1962F Jerry Cornelison
Lance Alworth Bobby Ply Dick Wood Johnny Green Jerry Cornelison
San Diego Chargers Dallas Texans Denver Broncos New York Titans Dallas Texans
1962F Curt Merz        
Curt Merz - - - -
Dallas Texans - - - -
1963F Don Breaux        
Don Breaux - - - -
Denver Broncos - - - -
1963T Terry Baker 1963T Lamar McHan 1963T John Roach    
Terry Baker Lamar McHan John Roach - -
Los Angeles Rams Baltimore Colts Green Bay Packers - -
1964P Buddy Humphrey 1964P Paul Dickson      
Buddy Humphrey Paul Dickson - - -
St. Louis Cardinals Minnesota Vikings - - -
1965P Gale Sayers -Bears 1965P Tommy Wade 1965P Jerry Kramer    
Gale Sayers Tommy Wade Jerry Kramer - -
Chicago Bears Pittsburgh Steelers Green Bay Packers - -
1967P Brian Piccolo 1967P Jim Ninowski 1967P Jim Taylor    
Brian Piccolo Jim Ninowski Jim Taylor - -
Chicago Bears Washington Redskins New Orleans Saints - -
1968T Wahoo McDaniel -Dolphins 1968T- Eldridge Dickey -Raiders 1968T Gary Beban -Redskins 1968T Warren Wells -Oakland Raiders  
Wahoo McDaniel Eldridge Dickey Gary Beban Warren Wells -
Miami Dolphins Oakland Raiders Washington Redskins Oakland Raiders -
1969T Tom Flores -Chiefs 1969T Warren Wells -Oakland Raiders 1969T Howie Williams    
Tom Flores Warren Wells Howie Williams - -
Kansas City Chiefs Oakland Raiders Oakland Raiders - -
1970T Wendell Tucker 1970T John Williams      
Wendell Tucker John Williams - - -
Los Angeles Rams Baltimore Colts - - -
1973T Bill Demory 1973T Sonny Sixkiller 1973T Cal Withrow 1973T Edd Hargett 1973T Joe Scibelli
Bill Demory Sonny Sixkiller Cal Withrow Edd Hargett Joe Scibelli
New York Jets Los Angeles Rams Green Bay Packers Houston Oilers Los Angeles Rams
1974T Joe Namath 1974T Deacon Jones 1974T Sam Wyche 1974T Kim McQuilken 1974T Roman Gabriel
Joe Namath Deacon Jones Sam Wyche Kim McQuilken Roman Gabriel
New York Jets Washington Redskins Detroit Lions Atlanta Falcons Philadelphia Eagles
1978T Tony Dungy 1978T Bert Jones      
Tony Dungy Bert Jones - - -
Pittsburgh Steelers Baltimore Colts - - -
1980T 1982T   1986T  
1980T Joe Montana 1982T Archie Manning, Oliver Luck, Gifford Neilsen   1986T Oliver Luck  
Joe Montana Manning, Luck, Neilsen - Oliver Luck -
San Francisco 49ers Houston Oilers - Houston Oilers -
~ 1955T-AA ~

This RetroCards series now has its own webpage. Just click the image or the title below the image to see the new additions to this classic series...

1955T-AA Series
1955T-AA Series Singles
~ 1955B Style Series ~
1955B Johnny Unitas -Steelers 1955B Charlie Brackins -Packers More to come More to come More to come
Johnny Unitas Charlie Brackins - - -
Steelers Packers - - -
~ 1956T Style Series ~
1956T Deral Teteak -Green Bay Packers 1956T Fred Wyant -Washington Redskins More to come More to come More to come
Deral Teteak Fred Wyant - - -
Packers Redskins - - -
~ More Retrocards Styles ~
1978T Wayne Gretzky        
1978T OPC - - - -
Wayne Gretzky - - - -
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