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Special Custom Requests
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Starcards - A new Retrocards series.

As well as our regular Series custom Cowboys cards, RetroCards also offers special custom requests. Below is a sample of a recent request.

~ Family & Individual Custom Cards ~
  1962T Style  
1962T Style 1966T Style 1962T Style
~ Little League & Pop Warner ~
1965P Style 1969T Style 1982T Style 1982T Style


For your personalized cards, you can choose from the dozens of styles that you see on our Styles Preview page. Just send us the name of the player, style of card, provide your photos, and we'll do the rest.


Please provide the following information when submitting requests;

Card style: 1982 T
Photo file name: ray1.jpg (when submitting more than one photo)
Name: Ray Johns
Team: Bertram Panthers
Position: Nose Tackle
Additional notes: Include any details such as text or background colors if applicable or different from the standard design. Also include any team graphics to be included in the design if possible.


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