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~ RetroCards Styles Preview ~

In the coming months, RetroCards will be covering the following sets displayed below. A single card from each of the different styles is shown. As the sets become available, the card images will become links to show the rest of the cards in that particular set. Each style set will contain 9 to 20 cards depending on available photography.

This preview page can also be used as a design reference for those wanting to submit personalized cards, or special requests.


Standard Football Card Styles
1960T Jerry Tubbs 1961T Bob Lilly 1961F Don Meredith 1962T Frank Clarke
Jerry Tubbs Robert Lilly Don Meredith Frank Clarke
1960 T 1961 T 1961 F 1962 T
1963T Joe Bob Isbell 1964P Jimmy Ray Smith 1964T Lee Roy Jordan 1965P Chuck Howley
Joe Bob Isbell Jimmy Ray Smith Lee Roy Jordan Chuck Howley
1963 T 1964 P 1964 T 1965 P
1965T Mel Renfro 1966P Jethro Pugh 1966T Bob Hayes 1967P Walt Garrison
Mel Renfro Jethro Pugh Bob Hayes Walt Garrison
1965 T (Tallboys) 1966 P 1966 T 1967 P
1967T George Andrie 1968T Lance Rentzel 1969T Larry Cole 1970T Reggie Rucker
George Andrie Lance Rentzel Larry Cole Reggie Rucker
1967 T 1968 T 1969 T 1970 T
1971T Charlie Waters 1972T Issac Thomas 1973T Bruce Walton 1974T Drew Pearson
Charlie Waters Issac Thomas Bruce Walton Drew Pearson
1971 T 1972 T 1973 T 1974 T
1975T Preston Pearson 1976T Clint Longley 1977T Rayfield Wright 1978T Glenn Carano
Preston Pearson Clint Longley Rayfield Wright Glenn Carano
1975 T 1976 T 1977 T 1978 T
1979T Tom Landry 1980T Roger Staubach 1981T Doug Cosbie 1982T Ron Fellows
Tom Landry Roger Staubach Doug Cosbie Ron Fellows
1979 T 1980 T 1981 T 1982 T
1983T Timmy Newsome 1984T Butch Johnson 1985T Doug Donley 1986T Herschel Walker
Timmy Newsome Butch Johnson Doug Donley Herschel Walker
1983 T 1984 T 1985 T 1986 T
Alternate Styles -NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL
1957T Pete Gent 1960L Walt Kowalczyk 1971T MLB Lance Alworth 1974T MLB Calvin Hill
Pete Gent Walt Kowalczyk Lance Alworth Calvin Hill
1957 T 1960 L MLB(Leaf) 1971 T MLB 1974 T MLB
1974T NBA Dave Edwards 1976T NHL Drew Pearson 1978T NBA Roger Staubach 1979T NHL Tony Dorsett
Dave Edwards Drew Pearson Roger Staubach Tony Dorsett
1974 T NBA 1976 T NHL 1978 T NBA 1979 T NHL
Original Design Styles
Bob Hayes Tribute 1966P Color Action Don Meredith Ralph Neely ROH Roger Staubach
Bob Hayes Don Meredith Ralph Neely Roger Staubach
Tribute Series 1966 Color Action 1971-72 B&W Action Ring of Honor

Don't forget RetroCards personalized and special request cards. You can view samples of some of our work here -> Personalized & Special Request Samples

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