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  First and foremost I’m a Cowboys fan and consider myself a self-proclaimed expert on Dallas Cowboy football cards and related memorabilia.  In pursuit of expanding my own collection, I found it necessary to compile my own checklists so I could keep track of everything I had and what I needed.  Thumbing through those massive 1,000 page guides, was just too time consuming not to mention the tiny print was hard on the eyes.  To make it even easier to locate items, I scanned hundreds of my own cards and included them with the checklists along with brief descriptions when I didn’t have an item from the set to scan.  Throughout my many hours spent researching and compiling data, I became very interested in any odd-ball item I came across.  The book contains some very unique, perhaps hard to obtain items that I discovered along the way.  I’m always interested in hearing about rare finds so be sure and drop me a note –along with a scan if you like- to share your discoveries.

 Volume one was born.  I found my little handbook to be extremely useful while browsing online auction sites or walking around local card shows.  Searching for cards in it was quick and easy because it was well organized.  Sometime in 2001 I decided to design a cover for it and sell it on eBay for other collectors to use.  It didn’t become a bestseller, but the overall response from those that bought it was very positive.

 A couple years later it was time to update.  There was no way I would attempt to try and cover all the modern era cards coming out, so I kept it capped at 1990.  I met a fellow collector online that had several scans to provide that I was missing, and also discovered many new or missed items that failed to make volume 1.  I also added an alphabetical set listing to go along with the chronological index to make it even easier to quickly find what your looking for.  I also expanded the book to include media guides, pennants, pocket schedules, and bobbing head dolls.  Once again it hit the eBay marketplace and many more happy customers were using my book.  More people were asking about the modern era cards and asking if I had plans to include everything.

 Sometime well after I stopped selling volume 2, a return customer contacted me and got me thinking about volume 3.  He provided even more scans and plenty of insightful input.  He also put me in contact with another person who helped tremendously with gathering the data for everything from 1991 to 2006.  The book went from 70 pages to 236 practically over night!  Previously I had done everything myself, printing, binding, shipping, ect.  I felt that the book had evolved enough and had the most complete and accurate information to date anywhere, that it was time to have it done professionally.  Paperback bound (referred to in the industry as perfect bound) and a one-piece, durable Mylar cover was a couple of improvements I decided to make.

 Previously unknown vintage items are being discovered all the time.  It's the motivation of TheCowboysGuide to document these new findings so the Dallas Cowboys collector has the most complete information possible.


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