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Cowboy Joe Stickers & Decals
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Vinyl Die-Cut Stickers
1960-63 Cowboy Joe Vinyl Sticker
1964-69 Cowboy Joe Vinyl Sticker 1964-69 Cowboy Joe Vinyl Sticker
1964-69 1964-69
These are the oldest of the Cowboy Joe stickers and are believed to be sold at the Cotton Bowl gift shop and also tossed in with return packages to fan requests and season ticket holders. The significant detail that distiguishes these from one another is the jersey that Cowboy Joe is wearing. The design of these changed to follow the teams change. Note the star on the shoulder pads versus the stripes on the sleeves. Besides the obvious difference in the bottom two (Dallas on the left, no Dallas on the right), look closely at the far shoulder of the rider. The graphic artist forgot to remove the star from the shoulder pad.
Window Decals
1960-63 Cowboy Joe Decal
1960-63 Cowboy Joe Decal 1964-69 Cowboy Joe Decal
1960-63 1964-69
These are the decal versions of the Cowboy Joe sticker. The adhesive is on the image side of the sticker and covered with clear plastic. Note the differences in Cowboy Joe's jersey style.
Impko Dallas Cowboys Decal
I've affectionately called this decal "Ugly Cowboy Joe" because of it's rather crude likeness to the "original" Cowboy Joe. Unsure of the exact date of issue, this decal may actually pre-date the others and be the original that was later refined.

1966 Round Goodyear Sticker
1966 Round Goodyear Sticker
This 3 1/8" round sticker with a brown paper backing was part of a NFL promotion by Goodyear.

(c)1960's Cowboys Round Stickers
I am uncertain of the origins of either of these two stickers. On the left we have Cowboy Joe with the 1960-63 style jersey, and on the right is perhaps an early version of Cowboy Joe without his horse.
1960s Cowboy Joe Round Sticker 1960s Dallas Cowboys Round Sticker

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