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Foil Stickers

Foil sticker sheets and singles were sold in the Texas Stadium gift shop and other local shops and gas stations. They were also given away by a number of different area companies including radio stations.

The foil reflects the light from the scanner, making it difficult to produce decent images.


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1974 Foil Helmet Sheets
These foil sticker sheets featured one large and three small helmet and logo stickers. The bottom sheet being the logo version, is the same design as used on Fleer stickers. They measure approximately 4 1/2" x 4 3/4".
1974 Dallas Cowboys Foil Helmet Sticker Sheet
1974 Dallas Cowboys Foil Logo Sticker Sheet

1975-79 Radio Station Foil Stickers
For several years starting in the late 70's, radio stations gave away these 4 1/2" x 4 5/8" foil stickers with their call letters on them. I have seen as many as 19 different Dallas area radio stations that have issued these stickers. They were made in both the helmet and logo styles.
1975-79 Dallas Cowboys KPXI Helmet Radio Station Foil Sticker
1975-79 Dallas Cowboys KRLD Logo Radio Station Foil Sticker

Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Foil Stickers
The popularity of the Cowboys cheerleaders took on a life of their own. These gorgeous gals of Dallas had calendars, buttons, team photos and well, stickers too.
1979 Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Foil Sticker Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Foil Sticker -Yellow Rose
1979 Yellow Rose
Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Foil Sticker

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