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Helmet Stickers

There were many stickers of various sizes and styles that were produced over the years, but the helmet sticker may be the most common. The early 70's saw the single-bar face mask design used primarily, then in 1974 the design changed to the more modern double-bar style. Several stickers in the Food Issue and Foil sticker sections also qualify as helmet stickers, but these stand alone with a category by themselves.


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1970 Round Helmet Sticker
This 3 1/8" diameter sticker is the updated version of the Cowboy Joe round sticker of the same size. It came with a white paper backing as aposed to the brown paper backing of the Cowboy Joe counter part.
1970 Dallas Cowboys Cloth Round Helmet Sticker

1971 Frozen Coke Sticker
This 2" diameter sticker was released as part of the Coca-Cola promotion for their new product Frozen Coke.
1971 Dallas Cowboys Frozen Coke Sticker

1971 NFC Champions Sticker
This sheet of six small helmet stickers was released by the team after their second trip to the Super Bowl. They may have been sold in the Texas Stadium gift shop.
1971 NFC Champions Sticker Full Sheet

1971 Large Square Helmet Logo Sticker
This 4" square sticker is similar in design to the helmets used by Fleer on all their version of Cowboys logo stickers with the only difference being the white outline to the blue star, making the apearance to that of the helmet used from 1964-67.
1971 Dallas Cowboys Large Square Helmet Logo Sticker

1971 Small Square Helmet Logo Sticker
This simple square sticker has rounded corners and measures 2 1/2" and could be ordered from the Trading Post brochure.
1971 Dallas Cowboys Small Square Helmet Logo Sticker

1972 Round Helmet Sticker
The last of the single-bar round stickers is this glossy 3" beauty. It may be one of the hardest to find also. It is the only round helmet sticker to feature the NFL shield.
1972 Dallas Cowboys Round Helmet Sticker

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