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This is another one of the groups of stickers that could easily be included under other categories. Besides the 1976 Sportstix sticker, the remaining three items in this group may be the toughest stickers to find.


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1969 Kelly's Chips Zip Sticker
This sticker measures 2 x 3 and was found in packages of Kelly's brand chips. Although the complete sticker with the backing is rectangular, the actual area to peel off is football shaped. The back contains information on how to obtain an autographed color action photo. This is one of the most difficult stickers to find.
1969 Kelly's Chips Zip Sticker Bob Hayes

(c)1976 Brooks Cleats Sticker
This sticker was believed to be included with the purchase of Brooks signature Rogerdodgers cleats. I am uncertain of the exact date of issue for this item, but based on photos of Roger Staubach's playing days, it looks like he made the switch to the white Brooks cleats in 1976.
(c)1976 Brooks Cleats Sticker Roger Staubach

1976 Sportstix
This set of action stickers was part of a multi-sport set that included 10 NFL players. Each sticker was a different size, and with no permission from the NFL to produce them, all team helmet logos were removed rather crudely. The lone Cowboy in the set was intended to be Drew Pearson, however the player pictured is Reggie Rucker.
1976 Sportstix Drew Pearson

1979 7-Up Sticker
This 4 1/4" round sticker of Thomas Henderson was part of the 7-Up promotion "America's Turning 7up." A full scale matching poster was also produced.
1979 7-Up Sticker Thomas Henderson

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