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The Top 10 Toughest Cowboys Cards

Having been involved in this hobby/obsession for almost 20 years now, I've learned quite a bit about the availability, or should I say lack of availability, of several Dallas Cowboys football card issues.  I've also met a number of very serious collectors and have spoken with a few dealers for their input on this subject.  The result is what this site is claiming as the top 10 most difficult Cowboys cards to find.

Prior to the internet, and more specifically auction sites, your only hope to find some of the items on the following lists was going to national card shows and talking with dealers.  Now, without much effort and a little cash, you can expect to finish off the regular issue card sets in a matter of a few months.  Maybe a little longer if you want NrMt 1962 & 63 Topps cards.  

With the popularity of the team comes heavy competition when one of these rare items hits the open market.  You can expect to pay a hefty premium when a card like the 1968 Topps Test Team finds its way onto an eBay listing.

We can debate all day about what should or should not be included in a "complete" Cowboys collection.  For the sake of this article, I've broken it down into two lists.  The first being the Top 10, and on it will only be cards that are the most basic and standard issues that would be on any Cowboys collectors want list.  The second list is the Top 25, and although it is general in terms of listing a particular set rather than a specific card in some cases, it will be a bit more diverse with selections.

These lists are not set in stone.  Perhaps some of you who have your own experiences gathering Cowboys cards for your collections can provide additional feedback.  I am open to making adjustments to either list. 

Please note that the only requirement to make these lists is the date of issue being prior to 1990.  Modern cards with "built-in" rarity, like the 2000 Fleer Greats of the Game Cowboy Clippings Tom Landry Fedora, or any 1 of 1 will not be considered.  Not that those cards are not significant or rare, I just want to keep the flavor of the lists vintage.

~Top 10~

Standard issue cards only.

1968 Topps Test Team Card

1) 1968 Topps Test Team Card
2) 1977 Topps Mexican #284 Danny White RC
3) 1963 Kahn's Eddie LeBaron
4) 1976 Fleer Team Action #62 Super Bowl VI
5) 1964 Kahn's Don Meredith
6) 1977 Topps Mexican #2 Receiving Leaders -Drew Pearson
7) 1972 Topps #280 Bob Lilly AP
8) 1977 Topps Mexican #314 Ed "Too Tall" Jones
9) 1962 Post #139 Allen Green SP
10) 1975 Topps Team Checklist (mail-in)

Honorable mention: 1970 Topps Calvin Hill RC (name in black)

It's no surprise that three of the top ten are from the 1977 Topps Mexican set.  A good argument can be made to include a few more from this set. The next one that is worth considering is #260 Billy Joe DuPree AP.

~Top 25~

Cards, stickers and everything else.

1960 Topps Tattoo

1) 1960 Topps Tattoo
2) 1964 Yuban Coffee Color Portrait Don Meredith
3) 1968 American Oil Mr. Reeves
4) 1968 Topps Test Team Patch
5) 1969 Kelly's Zip Chips Sticker Bob Hayes
6) 1968 Topps Test Team Card
7) 1963 Kahn's
8) 1977 Topps Mexican #284 Danny White RC
9) 1976 Sunbeam Pennant Sticker w/o logo
10) 1985 Frito Lay
11) 1972 NFL Properties Cloth Sticker -Logo
12) 1964 Kahn's
13) 1973 McDonald's 8 x 10's
14) 1969 Chiquita Team Logo Sticker
15) 1968 Champion Corn Flakes
16) 1976 Fleer Cloth Patches
17) 1980 McDonalds Happy Meal Boxes (cards)
18) 1976 Fleer Team Action Stickers
19) 1975 Fleer Cloth Patches
20) 1972 Frozen Coke
21) 1978 Marketcom Test Mini-Posters
22) 1969 Tasco Prints
23) 1968 American Oil Mrs. Reeves
24) 1970 Dayton Daily News
25) 1967 Williams Portraits
Honorable mention: 1971 Bazooka, 1987 Starline Test, 1962 Tang Team Photo, 1983 Kellogg's Helmet Sticker, 1983 Topps Sticker Box Cards

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